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Piercarlo Crachi Architect

Degree in Architecture with high honors at "La Sapienza" University of Rome in 1991. 
Doctorate in Environmental Design Research at "La Sapienza" University of Rome with turning study activities at the following universities:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge), Berkeley College of Environmental Design (San Francisco), University of Illinois (Chicago), Columbia University (New York), University of Waterloo (Canada), University of Toronto (Canada).

Registered on the Professional Association of Architects of Rome with number 10105 since 1993.

Since 1995 he has been working as architect on his own in the following sectors:
- residential and interior design
- exhibition design
- restoration
- environmental design
- city open spaces design
- industrial design.

Curriculum Vitae Piercarlo Crachi Architect

Studio: Via Vittorio Arminjon, 2
Roma 00195 - Italy
Phone: 39 063700359
Fax: 39 0637411028

Italian citizenship 
P.I.: 10065900580


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